Sunday, 5 September 2010

Edgar the Bat

Ladies and Gentleman... tadaaam... meet Edgar the Bat:

Edgar is no ordinary bat... he is about 20 cm tall and likes spending time on the sun:

hanging around:

and sleeping a little bit:

But mostly looking what is going on around the house:

and inside:

He also enjoys conversations with Mr Cat:

Somethimes Edgar is moody, and don't want to talk with anybody:

but I think everybody have sometimes worse days ;)

That was to cheer you up at the Sunday afternoon :))
See you next time with something new.

Best regards
Jo & cats (and Edgar)


  1. The loveliest bat I've ever seen! Great idea. It's your design?

  2. I'm so glad you like it :) and yes, that's my own design. I tried my best :)
    P.S. Dzieki :D

  3. I think Edgar is great! I like how his wings snap together, that's a really super idea, and of course, it's nice that he gets along with cats too. :)

  4. Hello!
    I've just found oyur blog and loved your creations.
    This bat is absolutely funny!
    I have a cat as yours, mine is named Cleo.
    I'll follow you in future,

  5. he's adorable! i like that he's in light colors, makes it a little unexpected.

  6. So funny...i like it ;O))

  7. Hi! Wow, this is a really cute bat-cuddly toy! Is there an pattern for it? I would like to sew it. Best wishes! Isa

  8. Hi Isa!
    You have no idea how I'm glad you like Edgar :D
    No, there is no pattern for him. He's of my own design.
    Best wishes, Jo

  9. Oh he is precious!! Saw him (and you) featured on 1825.

  10. Love this! Im your newest follower! Follow me at Make sure to enter my Giveaway! Let me know if your interested in doing a blog swap with me! Thanks!

  11. I love it! Are you going to sell a pattern??

  12. That is the cutest bat I've ever seen ... so whimsical and fun! Thanks for sharing. (visiting from eighteen25)

  13. OK...Edgar is just too cute! He definitely needs his own pattern!

  14. o rany! cudowny! chciałabym uszyć podobnego córeczkom, tylko czy podołam?

  15. I love this pattern!!! Will you be making up this pattern to sell? If so I would love to purchase it.


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