Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Time do make Christmas Gifts - Christmas Wreath, cherry stone pillow and tea wallet

So, after a long break in showing my craft (there are those certain circumstainces, which do not allow you to spend so much time on sewing...) time to correct myself ;)

As Christmas is slowly approaching, it's time to start make Christmas gifts. First is a Reindeen Christmas Wreath (not sure yet for whom, I just had to do it :D ):

Next is a cherry stone pillow (you can warm up the inner pillow in microwave or in owen), for my friend's baby daugher. It was suppose to be a polar bear, but looks more like a mouse:

And the last, a tea bag wallet. A pefrect gift fot tea lovers for those long cold evenings:

That's it for now :D Next will follow soon...

Best wishes


  1. Hi:-)
    Real Treasures and...wonderful cats:-)
    I have just discovered Your Blog and seems to me,that I will be visiting it more often,of course,if You agree:-)
    The X-mas wreath is incredible:-)Very nice idea-I have never seen anything similar to this!
    Also the Mousie-Pillow,warming another for a child-something to use and something to play with.
    the wallet has lots of pockets and it is very detailed-nice piece of work You have put into it.
    I am really impressed also by Your previous works.
    I would like to invite You to my blog too.You may find something interesting there too...
    Kind Regards-HalinaDK-

  2. Reniferki śliczne, ale miś... Po prostu cudo!!! Zdobył moje serce od razu:)

  3. I love the wallet. I think it's really great idea especially for travelers.

  4. I love the wreath, it's so cute!

  5. I LOVE the tea bag wallet. I'm the biggest teaholic! I'm actually in the middle of making one myself, but it got so complicated I sort of gave up for a while. :) You design is so simple yet completely functional. I'm kind of in love with it. Great work!


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