Monday, 6 December 2010

Mug rug with wolf - quilting and painting on fabric

Starting another week with a new crafting idea :)

Yesterday I spent my day on creating a quilted mug rug with wolf's head painted on it (somehow I'm much into wolfs... ^.^).

I used beautiful set of fabrics from Sarasa collection from Makower UK (I bought them some time ago and couldn't decide what to make out of them... but their time has finally come :D ). Oh, how I love those Sarasa colours and flowers \o/

For painting I used black Marabu Textil paint. Up to now I was painting only on paper. It was completely new experience and much fun. After painting you need only to iron the painted fabric for 3 minutes and it's done. So easy :)

The mug rug has a size similar to the others which I was making - about 17 x 25 cm. Here is the front.


and with something tasty :)

For the next time I will try to prepare some tute (I would do it more often... I just forget about the camera when I start to sew something).

Have a nice Monday :)


  1. Prześliczna podkłada - namalowałaś pięknego wilka. Masz talent.

  2. ta podkładka jest wyjątkowa! na pewno szkoda na niej pić;) ale ten wilk piękny!

  3. Przepiękna! Podziwiam malunek i niezwykle śliczny dobór kolorów materiałów! Wspaniałe arcydzieło.

  4. I love your confidence to paint on fabric! Beautifully painted!

  5. Gorgeous! You have quite a talent both sewing and drawing / painting!

  6. What a fun mug rug. I love the wolf! :)

  7. good work again! Thanks for linking to quiltstory!

  8. Hello! You make wonderful patchworks and I love these Wolf mug rugs! The painting looks so great! Your tablerunner is also really beautiful! See you soon!
    Wishes from Crete! Teje

  9. Hey ihr wirklich sehr nett post.After lange Zeit habe ich einige interessante topic.So Dank für die Buchung es hier und teilen sie mit uns.


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