Thursday, 10 March 2011

Black and white table runner

There are times when you want to trade with other people. Trade your work for their work which is beyond your crafting abilities When I saw lampwork goodies made by Yennene I simply knew that I have to have some earrings although I don't wear jewelry at all. I just love the way they are made. I chose two pairs of her wonderfull earrings and Yennene agreed to trade for a table runner.

It took me a while to finish the table runner. First I was waiting for the fabric to be shipped, then I had suddenly lots of non-sewing thing to do and finally when I started, my machine decided not to cooperate with me. I managed to convince it to work :P and finished the table runner today. 

It's simple, monochromatic, without any unneceassary quilting and with chinese character at both ends - this is of Yennene's choice. I used fussible web to stick cut out chinese character to the backgroud fabric first and then I machine sewed the edges with satin stitch.
I have to admit I'm quite pleased with the end effect. 

It's quite windy last days and it was a little bit difficult to make a good photo. 
And I have to make one outside, as I don't have a fitting modern interior to show off the table runner at home :P

And the back. The plan was to make it completely black. But I managed to make a mistake in calculating the amout of fabric which I needed to order... and, well... I didn't have enough of black.



  1. Very cool! I LOVE the look of nothing but black and white! So elegant!

  2. Yes, this is totally elegant!

  3. Very nice. I love black and white fabrics!

  4. prosta elegancja! bardzo mi się podoba!

  5. Wygląda niesamowicie - podoba mi się :)


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