Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fox Paper Pieced quilt pattern

That's my first attempt to create PP quilt pattern. More to say, that was my first try to sew PP quilt block :D 

Why fox? No idea. Really. I created 3 different patterns (of foxes) which I will introduce to you during next 3 days. I plan to add them to my Dawanda shop as pdfs. I already sewn this one which I show you now, but will make photos tomorrow (no light today anymore). I have to finish creating pdf version of the pattern tomorrow also, but today already I have one request or offer to one of my dear readers or followers.

I'm looking for a volunteer :) to try this PP pattern. I was able to sew the fox (and this is the first PP quilt block which I ever made, so it's not so difficult), but I don't know if it's clear enough for somebody else. 

So, if you are interested in trying the pattern, just write me an email at kirie83@yahoo.de and let me know  :)

[The pattern content within the tutorial (pdf) is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced electronically or copied and distributed. However, the finished product that you as an independent Home Seamstress, produce can be sold in your shop, with the description: This pattern is a Shape Moth design. All items for sale must be handmade by you. Contracting with others to mass produce the designs is expressly prohibited].

Here how the cute Felix the Fox looks like ;)

Till tomorrow


  1. I have never done a paper pieced block before...but I would love to try! :). I'll bee your guinea pig!


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