Friday, 25 March 2011

Foxes, foxes and more foxes...

I already received some photos from wonderful people who were trying my foxes patterns out. Many thanks for you, your time and for the photos of your wonderful work. 
First was Julia (Jednoiglec) from Projektownia Jednoiglec blog. She was testing my little Foxy pattern. Look how candy sweet fox she made. She has wonderful taste for colours and to tell you the secret... she almost didn't iron it while sewing! The fox looks so neat and crispy. Thank you! You should head on to see her blog and the amazing things she's sewing :)

Next photo I received from Jeannie (Lv2Create). She was sewing Felix the Fox. Looks perfect and is winkin' with his right eye -.^ Thank you Jeannie to take your time and sending me the photo of your cutie :) You should see more of Jeannie's various work on flickr. And I can tell you, there is much to look at ;)

The third photo which I got is from Lesly from Pickle Dish blog. She's also made Felix the Fox, in some beautiful forest colours. It's wonderful, how each fox has it's own character depending on the fabrics which were used to create it. Thank you Lesly for trying my pattern and for the great feedback on it!

That's it for now, when I will receive more photos I will show them to you :)

Both of my fox patterns are available in my SHOP.

Third fox to go...If you have a spare moment and taste for trying out the pattern, just write me an email and let me know!


  1. raz kozie śmierć ... :) napisałam maila bo liski sa zbyt cudne żeby się nie pokusić o wypróbowanie :D zaznaczam że to będzie mój pierwszy PP w życiu więc mogę naknocić ;)

  2. Kirie, aleś mnie na wyrost nachwaliła:D:D:D dziękuję! Miło poczytać takie rzeczy:)
    Cieszę się, że akurat małego liska mogłam wypróbować, bo on jest w sam raz dla mojej córeczki (i dla mnie:D).
    Jeszcze raz dziękuję!

  3. Probably too late again....... But, any chance for me to try it out ??

  4. If you still would like to have another one to try your cute fox pattern out, I would love to try any :)

    They are just so cute! I had to smile at every single one of them :)


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