Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sam the Squirrel PP block and a hexagon potholder

I was really busy last days. Although I really wanted to finish sewing Sam the Squirrel block, I couldn't find the time for it. Today I made it. I have to say that it was complicated. With all the many small parts to piece together. I was sewing the block quite big - with the frame it will fit the pillow cover perfectly. But I'm happy of the way he turned out. He looks a little bit pissed ;)
I used Kona cotton: medium grey, coal, black and white, pink 30's Bella solid and some grey polka dot fabric for the frame (don't remember now which one...). 
[I made a mistake in marking the colour on one of the parts of the pattern... big apologies to all who got the pattern fot testing. The whole top of his head should be light grey. I noticed the mistake after I was finished...]

So, how do you like Sam?
 [The pdf pattern will soon be awailable in my shop]

I also finished first non-square potholder for the Potholder Pass 7 swap (still have to wash away the blue marker ;) ). Second will follow.

The back:



  1. Oh Sam is so cute! I haven't been able to try him out either, but I will attempt him this week. Thanks for the update about the colour change on the top of his head. I photocopied the pieces at 200% - I hope that is big enough to fit the littlest pieces!

  2. Sam does look tricky!! I like him though and like you color choices. The potholder is awesome. You have a lucky partner.

  3. Sam is very cute, and I love the potholder!

  4. wszystko perfekcyjne, jak zawsze!! ja tez cierpie na brak czasu... moze w weekend bedzie go wiecej? ;)

  5. Wszystko jest takie równiusieńkie i perfekcyjnie wykonane ,Sam bardzo mi się podoba :0
    Pozdrawiam :)

  6. Um...your piecing is AMAZING. Seriously gorgeous. Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)


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