Thursday, 26 May 2011

It's covers' time!

Some time ago I participated in Sewn Spaces Swap. I've shown you the machine cover which I made, but didn't have the opportunity to show you the one which I received (O.K., to be honest, I had to clean my sewing room first...). But I can show it to you today:

Those fabulous portholes were made by Sandy (Hopefully Something Cute). It looks perfect on my machine and the fabrics she chose look simply gorgeous!
Thank you Sandy!!

As it is covers' time, there have to be more covers! This time no more machine covers, but camera strap covers. At the beginning of the month, Patchworkowa Gwiazda blog started a 'Scrappy' challenge that lasts till the end of the month. I try to make something on each of the challanges they are organising.
I always had a problem with scratchy camera strap (I have Canon) and one of the lenses which I have is particularly heavy, so the effect was multiplied and after longer carrying of the camera (on some trips) I had a sore neck. I searched in the net for some camera strap cover tutorials and found plenty of them. With ruffles, without ruffles, with batting, without one, etc. You can easily get inspired by them :)

I made mine with batting, so they are very cozy (my neck loves me again ;] ) and with a ruffle (my BF told me that now for sure he will not carry the camera ever again). On the ends of the straps, parallel lines are quilted. I made two green ones and two grey ones up to now (the excess I will list in my Dawanda shop) but they are so fun to make that for sure I will make more!



  1. paski są fantastyczne, a pokrowiec na maszynę cudny! bardzo lubię Twoje prace- żywioł kolorów to jest to!

  2. I am totally putting you in my blogroll. Your blog is absolute eye-candy! So glad I found you!

  3. These are so cute and look comfortable! I'm a point and shoot..hah.ah.a.a.a.


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