Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dandelion pillow and Swap recieved

I couldn't resist to finish this pillow. I started it long time ago - about few weeks I think - and didn't have the motivation to finish. There were always other things I was sewing or I simply didn't have the mood to spend time with my sewing machine ;) 

Today I did it. It measures about 40x40 cm, there are few kona cottons (two shades of olive, white, black and light yellow; sorry, don't remember the names) and two fabrics from Hope Valley in Fiesta from DS. 

My Dandelion pillow:

I did some raw edge applique and free hand machine quilted it using cream, black and white thread:

The back is zipped:

And today was my lucky day! I received a MQ from CASharp as a part of Swap Till You Drop (STUD) on Flickr. You may remember my Winnie the Pooh MQ which I did for her.
I got a bag full of goodies and a wonderful quilt with Remi from Ratatouille:

Thank you Cindy for such a marvelous quilt!



  1. Wspaniała poducha i bardzo oryginalny pomysł , widzę kirie ze masz główkę pełną pomysłów :-D

  2. Kirie, już dawno nas przyzwyczaiłaś do cudownych prac, a ta jest kolejna. Przepiękne dmuchawce.

  3. Fantastyczna ta poduszka :) Lecę porozglądać się po reszcie Twojego bloga :)

  4. I love that pillow!! that looks so cool!
    What a nice package as well!

  5. Oh my daughter is a Remi and we love the mini quilt you received. So very nice.

  6. Love the mini quilt - so cute!!

  7. Fantastic and all of these pillow and pillow covers are so beautiful.

  8. molto carino il cuscino ,il topo e stupendo lili


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