Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Starting an art quilt and some news

For last week or so I'm focused on plannign an art quilt for the quilt show. I have found the theme for the quilt, ordered the fabric from which some already came, bought quilting rayon thread, stabilisers for quilting and embroidery and now I'm slowly starting... starting to think how to start, LOL.
It will be a mammoth project. First so complicated and big art quilt which I will try to make. I think I'm scared...

I bought some beautiful hand dyed fabrics (most of them I already cut and sewn) from Beatrix from Hangefärbtestoffe (german 'hand dyed fabrics'). The fabrics are really amazing. Wonderful colours and patterns. 
For sure I will have to try dyeing on my own one day. You can really get an extraodrinary effect.

Some more fabrics for the quilt [the last one may suggest you the theme, haha]. And yes, indeed, those are not the usual fabrics for me to buy lately, but it's quite difficult (not to say impossible) to make such an art quilt with modern fabric. But don't worry, I didn't lose my interest in modern fabrics ;)

 A set of rayon quilting threads from Madeira. I think still I will need some variegated threads, but basic colours are simply 'must have':


And two new books on my book shelf. Fabulous, spectacular ;) eye candy of a book:

Number of inspirations, amazing photos and patterns which take your breath away:

I'm deeply in love!

And another one. Have to say less spectacular. There are some interesting and helpful tips, but honestly, I expected slightly more:


  1. Cant wait to see what you create! It is going to be splendid.

  2. mam nadzieję że ten projekt nie musi być tajemniczy i będziesz pokazywała nam na bieżąco?? Bo coś czuję że to będzie coś orientalnego mniam mniam

  3. I have the first of those two books and am taking it very slowly - just a couple of pages at a time. I really want to savour it!

    Good luck with the art quilt.


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