Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Evil Emil the Bat listed in my shop

Thank you all for visiting my blog during Mdm Samm's Ghastlie blog hop (the blog hop post is below this one)! YOU rock! All of you! I didn't expect so many guests and I'm delighted to have you (some perhaps for longer ;)

To answer a common question about a pattern. The pattern is my own (I designed it more than a year ago, Edgar the Bat was the first bat that I've made) and at the moment I do not plan to sell it (...sorry...). However, I listed Evil Emil in my DaWanda shop, so you're welcome to give him a new home.


  1. and the grand prize winner came from your blog..lady with the cloth...and hello Emil...glad to see that you may come to many of us in our homes...x


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