Friday, 23 March 2012

Lots of goodies...

For me :) This week I have kind of a break with sewing. I'm not sure what should I start with, so I gave myself a moment to think. But I received lots of packages this week. Lots of goodies :) 

A pillow cover from PTS7 swap from Jennifer (Sunny). The pillow is gorgeous! Love the fabrics Jennifer chose and the hand stitching on it:

W tym tygodniu mam przerwe od szycia. Nie wiem, czy to przesilenie wiosenne, czy cos innego, ale  chwilowo nie wiem, za co mam sie zabrac... wiec poczekam, az bede wiedziala. Za to dostalam w tym tygodniu kilka przesylek:
* poduszke z PTS7 zrobiona przez Jennifer (Sunny):

Wesley agreed with me and immediately made himself comfortable on the pillow:

Wesley'owi od razu sie spodobala:

One of the sponsors of the Zakka Style Sew Along is Aurifil. For the sew-along they generously sponsored threads for the participating designers. There is some nice collection of different kinds of threads which I received and an Aurifil threads colour card. Can't wait to use them in the project from Zakka Style book, as I have never before used Aurifil threads:

Dostalam tez zestaw nici od Aurifil - sponsora Zakka Style Sew Along, w ktorym biore udzial. Jeszcze niegdy ich nici nie uzywalam. Jestem ciekawa, jaki bedzie efekt:

And one more thing. Some weeks ago I participated in a small contest 'Treasure Hunt' on jellyrollquilters web. The point was to find links to the photos of 3 objects which were given on the list. And who was the quickest won. So this way I won a book, a sewing pattern and some fabric! Well, that was a nice way to use my sitting-in-front-of-the-PC-for-hours skills ;)

I doszla do mnie nagroda od jellyrollquilters. Kilka tygodni temu wzielam udzial w malym konkursie na ich stronie 'treasure Hunt'. Konkurs polegal na jak najszybszym wyszukaniu (odbywal sie w czasie rzeczywistym, pewnego sobotniego wieczoru) w internecie zdjec przedmiotow, wypisanych na liscie. Udalo mi sie byc najszybsza w jednej z rund. Wygralam ksiazke, wzor na tea cozy i material :)


  1. That pillow is lovely! You will LOVE the aurifil thread, and what an amazing pack of it. Like winning the lottery!

  2. The pillow is very nice and it looks like Wesley is enjoying it. I've never used Aurifil thread but am curious. Have fun with all of the nice things you received.

  3. Congrats on your win and enjoy that beautiful pillow...if Wesley will let you :o) TFS

  4. Śliczne prezenty !! Minka Wesley'a cudna :)

  5. Piękne prezenty.Poduszka z wymianki bardzo mi się podoba:)

  6. You will love the Aurifil. I find I really, really like it for needleturn or any applique. Wesley is lovely.

  7. YOU WILL LOVE THE AURIFIL!!! it is the best thread!!!
    i just want o hug and pet wesley. such a pretty cat!!!

  8. JESTEŚ NIESAMOWITA!!!!!!!!:):):)


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