Saturday, 12 January 2013

'Vintage Scissors' PP pattern

The block is finished. Next time, please remind me, that when I want to make such tiny PP block, I have to keep it easy... all those tiny pieces... and those tiny papers to remove... but nonetheless, I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out (P.S. I always wanted to have such scissors, I think they are adorable!)!

The pattern is originally designed to be 12"x12", but this block is just 7"x7":

Blok skonczony. Nastepnym razem, gdy bede planowala uszyc tak maly blok PP, musze pamietac, ze powinien byc prosty... maciupkie elementy, mikroskopijne okruszki materialow i te malenkie papierki do odrywania z tylu... Ale blok bardzo mi sie podoba :) (P.S. Zawsze chcialam miec takie nozyczki):

Guessing game yesterday was really fun! Thank you all for taking part in it! We had camera lenses, rotary cutter, needles and... ring from LOTR! Now that's something! The first person to guess correctly what's the theme of the block was CitricSugar:

Wczorajsza zgadywanke wygrala CitricSugar, ktora jako pierwsza odgadla, ze tematem bloku sa nozyczki. Ale pozostale odpowiedzi tez byly bardzo ciekawe - byly igly, obiektyw aparatu, noz krazkowy a nawet pierscien z Wladcy Pierscieni ;)
CitricSugar, the  pattern will be on it's way to you in just a moment!



  1. Joanna, you are so great! These scissors are glorious. I can't wait to make them! I hope I can handle those tiny pieces!

  2. niesamowite *_* w zyciu nie pomyslalabym ze to moglyby byc nozyczki!! ah no mam kiepska wyobraznie najwidoczniej :D w kazdym badz razie blok jest nieziemski!!!

  3. It's beautiful - thanks! I can't wait to try it!

  4. Amazing piecing - I have a pair scissors just like these!

  5. Really an amazing pattern!

  6. This is so gorgeous. I'm planning on getting these kind of scissors tattood on my back sometime this year!

  7. Hi, hi, hi! No nie zgadłam. Ale nożyczki są cudowne! Wspaniały blok!

  8. Hello! I found your lovely pattern through a Pinterest link. I tried to go to the link on this post to purchase but it says it's not available anymore. Then I found it through your "My PP Patterns" page link. You might want to update this post so it directs people there instead. I just purchased it through Craftsy and can't wait to make it :)


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