Sunday, 29 August 2010

Fabric fever

Although my wardrobe is not empty and I have some fabrics, it is so nice to buy some more...
So, there are my last shopping results:

some IKEA cotton fabrics (for the backs of my coasters) and BIG piece of natural linen (I heart linen)

And some fabrics from here. Greens:


some beiges:

and a part of unidentified ones:

I also bought some felt. Never used it before, but can imagine, that would be useful for some tricky details (besides, softies from felt look cute... I'm thinking about making some). I got some usual felt from the same source as patchwork fabrics:

and some more from here. The great thing about this felt is, that it is mixed with wool (50% of wool in naturally coloured ones and 40% of wool in those with vivd colours). I was looking for a long time for mixed felt.
Standard felt which you can buy in a shop didn't even lie neer wool. And felt from pure wool is to soft and delicate to work with it. And - the final - getting mixed felt in Germany cost me lots of searching.

These are dyed with plant extracts:

and this is the rest in vivd colours:

So, wish you all a nice and lazy rest of the weekend

and... I'm going to do something with my new fabrics.

Best wishes
Jo & cats

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