Monday, 23 August 2010

Cat and lavender - linen bags with appliques

Just shortly today - that was one long and tiring day.

Two more bags.

First - a BIG BAG - with the cat, wich was stitched between the linen fibres and doodle stitched/applique flowers (these took me ages to finish... as I don't have some much time to spare for sewing, I thought I will never see the end of this bag). But suprised myself with the end result. Doesn't this look gorgeous ^.^ :

and a closer look on the kitten

Dark lining with standard set of pockets inside (two open on one side [one with a cute butterfly ;) ] and one zipped on the opposite):

Next in the row is the lavender bag. Smaller than the one with the cat and the product of one weekend and some deep need for making a green linen bag with lavender flowers... here are the results:

None of the bags found their home yet ;) If you are interested, you can find more details in my Dawanda shop (os just write to me).

Next bag is waiting for my time to finish it, together with two sets of lovely coasters (and one curtain set for the cat show cage... ).

ech... if only days were longer...


  1. Piękna ta torebka z kotkiem. Efekt jest bardzo subtelny i uroczy.

  2. Me again! I just can't stop commenting - I'm in awe of the loveliness that you produce! I especially love the appliqued butterflies.


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