Thursday, 19 August 2010

My first patchwork bag

Actually I don't know when did I get the idea to make my own bags. What I knew, is that I hate to see people on the street wearing same clothes, carrying same bags, having the same haircuts (yes, I know that's weird, but I don't think I can change that now ;) ).
At the beginnign it was difficult to plan... and even more difficult to cut (I was constantly worried that I will do something wrong and just waste the fabric and my previous work). But as I started, everything went just fine.
And here it is... my first handmade bag (already found a new home - my mum's home ^.^ ):

The bag is made from 100% linen and nice patchwork cotton fabric. Lining is cotton, and filling is from polyester. As my mum doesn't like fancy things I decided to make it as simpel as I could, but without loosing its charm and uniqueness:

Of course the whole front is quilted - in lilly pattern.

Inside there are 3 pockets: 2 open on one side, and one zipped pocket on the opposite side.

I have to admit I was really proud of myself. It looked quite pretty and my mum loved it (which is the most important thing for me).
And as you can assume, it didn't end at this one bag. it never ends at one bag... next followed. But about them, later :D

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