Tuesday, 17 August 2010

There has to be the first time

It took me quite a while before I decided to create  my own blogg. But, here I am and I will try to share with you the things which fill my life between comming back from work and going to sleep. Mainly it will be about my sewing, quilting, crafting... however you want to call it. Just the things that you can create with your own hands (O.K., and with a little help of the sewing machine). And of course there will be a place for my cats (about them, later :D ). 
As far as I remeber I loved handicraft. I wasn`t always sewing. I was drawing for many years, then there was a time for jewelry and now... that's why I'm here. To show you what's now. Hope you will enjoy it :)

The set of cup coasters, which allready found a new home.
It is quite boring to see all those sqared-shaped coasters. Thats why mine are not:

For the pears I  used three different fabrics in similar design. My boyfriend said they are in 'grandma style'... so, seems that he has a girlfriend in 'grandma style', couse I love those colours. Fabrics are 100% from  cotton (that's also my personal choice... cotton, cotton and only cotton).

There are two layers of cotton with some hard interfacing inside. The buttons at the back are in this purpose (unfortunatelly don't have any better photo) :

So you could make your kitchen looks prettier than usual. 

Whoa, I did it. First day, first post, next will follow.

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  1. Wow! I adore your pears!! Especially the latest ones! Would love to know how you did them (the edge looks sooooo neat!!


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