Monday, 31 January 2011

Organising stash and WIP

I'm not really writing much last days, but I have a family visting me till the end of the week :) I'm also waiting for my fabric to come... yes... still :/ And I'm blocked with working on potholders for Potholder Pass as well as with mug rug for Scrappy Mug Rug Swap :( Hop they will come this week, otherwise I will have to improvise :/ 

Some time ago Projektownia Jednoiglec started an action 'Organise your stash'. I don't have much fabric, but I decided to join and clean up/sort my fabric in my wardrobe a little bit. Unfortunalety I didn't make any photo 'before' , but I can tell you that is was pretty messy. It's already a second part on stash organising action, so I'm a little bit late, but better to be late than not being in at all :)

So, here's my fabric (and a small part of the rest of my working room):

As I don't have much, I'm sorting it only according to the colour. All the FQ that I have are in separate box. 
At the moment I'm using a wardrobe which was already standing in the room, wich I didn't buy for myself. When (if) I will desing my own working room one day, I will buy a wardrobe which will be more usefull. 

I finished some small projects last days, but I will be able to show them to you in few days (they are still secret :) ). 

Now just a small sneak peak of an embroidery (UFO) bag which I started some time ago (seems like I'm only starting things 'some time ago' and not all of them ever get finished).



  1. Your stash looks like a lot of fun! Nice having it all tidied up, right? And wow.. that cat is so darn cool! I like all the details and the way it looks like you could pet the cat! Can't wait to see your secret projects!

  2. You have a TON of fabric! I'm so jealous!
    It looks beautiful!

  3. I have a large stash that is organized by color, but you have yours folded so nicely, and each piece can be seen at a glance... good work!

  4. Piękny porządeczek w szafach! Godny naśladowania! I szmatki masz śliczniutkie... Te już do pozazdroszczenia. ;-)
    I wspaniałą pracę tu pokazujesz. Koteczek tak cudnie wyaplikowany....


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