Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fabrics for mug rug and potholders

Finally \o/ ! Today one package with fabrics came. The more important one, in which were all needed fabrics for making a mug rug for Scrappy Mug Rug Swap and potholders for Potholder Pass 6 :) 

I already started with the mug rug. It will look like this when I will finish (it's just a rough sketch in PS):

I have these fabric to create it:

And this is the project for the set of 2 potholders in red. The theme for this round of the Potholder Pass is monotone :) (even more rough sketch in PS :P )

I think with this set of fabrics I will manage :) (phoenix will be probably raw edge applique):

Now you can see what I'm working on :)


  1. The bee mug rug is going to look fantastic!

  2. Thanks for sharing, they look like great projects. I'm working on hexi's myself right now. Just One More Thing..Every time I visit your blog I stare at the Moth a few minutes. I just love it --so realistic!!


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