Monday, 7 February 2011

Block party at Quiltstory

When I red about the Block Party at Quiltstory blog I decided to join (seems that it looks like I'm joining everything and everywhere last days... ;) ). You can add a block in 3 categories: modern, traditional and creative. As I'm not good in traditional patchwork I prepared 2 kreative blocks and 1 modern (or at least it was suppose to be modern, but at the end it looks... hmmm... how to say it gently... bad?). I will add it anyway, as it's already made.

Fresh Poppy Design

First block is with an owl applique. As my previous appliques - it's raw edge applique. To create an owl I used about 10 different fabrics. I know, again I'm stuck with shades of brown, but I somehow couldn't make a pink or green owl :/ I'm quilte happy with the result :)

Especially I love the eyes... I had a small piece of fabric with golden pattern on it and it fits perfectly to the owl. The beak and the black shades are  painted with textile paint.

As I got my fabric I could finally finished my moth (more details HERE) into a block. And I did:

I didn't cut the edges yet and the block was hangin' in such a way that it looks like there is something seriously wrong with it ;) I can asure you, that everything is fine, it's just the photo. I planned to make more gray shading on the frame, but the other fabrics which I have didn't fit there. I think that now my moth looks really like a bug in a framed picture :)

EDIT: I decide to make one more :) I had a sudden idea and a sudden need. It's not much Spring theme, but somehow it fits me. 'Cherry tree':

And the last - a 'bad' one - and again, it suppose to look differently (it did look differently in my head) but in real life it looks like this:

I think that for some short time I will slow down with work. I have some things which have to be finished... (and those are other ones than sewing ;) ).



  1. ha, moje dwa ulubione stworzenia - ćmy i sowy :) a te oczka... :D

  2. Wow, girl you just stun me! The owl and the moth are works of art - have you ever thought of getting your work in an art gallery?? As for the block you don't like, I actually love it and see it as a quilt using a different colour for each block, graduating in shades like the one you have made.

  3. Poprostu brak słów - fantstyczne w każdym najdrobniejszym szczególe - jak dla mnie sowa najpiękniejsza :)

  4. I landed on your blog via the block party. You made some beautifull things, but I am sooooo impressed by your owl applique, it's gorgeous!

  5. Wow! You have an amazing sense of color! Great use of fabrics and textures too. Love your owl.

  6. the owl turned out beautiful; it grabbed my attention right away. Loving your unique style ;)

  7. I just saw your moth on Quiltstory- it's amazing!

  8. Your owl and moth are both fabulous. So intricate and perfect-looking.

  9. Kirie, ale Cię wzięło na bloki... mój ulubiony to ten z wisienkami:)

  10. Amazing! Love the shades of brown and the owl looks fabulous!! Thanks so much for submitting for the block party, we really had so much fun so THANK YOU!


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