Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fearless Fawn featured and I'm away for next week

Today I received an email from Lisa, who was testing my fawn PP pattern. She made one gorgeous fawn! Love her choice of colours and fabric. Simply woderful. 
I feel that I'm stucked on a certain colour comboc last days. When I see how other people combine colours, then there is a bright thought 'Aaaa, I could do it differently!'. 
Nonetheless, I love this fawn:

I will be away for the next week. Going to visit family on holidays.

Wish you all a nice time on Easter


  1. He is getting cuter every time I see him! Must check our my stash of brown fabric, then I'm going to buy a pattern! Happy Easter!

  2. Great material choices! It's very nice.


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