Friday, 17 June 2011

New PP patterns, fabric stash and apologies

First the apologies... for the missed Tutorial on Tuesday. I will not manage till next Tuesday. I thought I will, but life's life... I'm sorry and promise to make it up for you :)

Second ... I won the FIRST PRIZE (20 FQ from On The Grain fabrics) in last Quilting Gallery contest! Thank you all for your votes! Again you showed you are wonderful! How can I not love you ;)

Next - my fabrics for Amethyst Ring Quilt came today!!! I thought it was lost somewhere on the way after those 7 weeks, but not :) That's a happy day today :D I can continue with the quilt top.

As I'm writing about fabric I will show you my last purchases:

Tula Pink's designer select of FQ bundle, Prince Charming collection:

Hope Valley from DS for my 'Ametyst Ring' quilt:

and FQ bundle of Cut out and keep by Heather Moore:

I also planned some new PP patterns. Those are just the rough sketches, have to be improved slightly, but soon they will be ready :) 

A buck:

ring-tailed lemur:

vintage scooter:

and an owl:

 They lack proper names still... maybe you have some funny ideas? 

If you do, write them in comment. If I will choose a name which you wrote, I will send you a free PP pattern (this, which you named; after it will be ready as a pdf).


  1. We have similar taste! I recently ordered some Prince Charming and Cut Out and Keep, and I still have a small stash of Hope Valley. Also, love your designs for paper piecing, especially the scooter, since I ride a yellow Vespa myself!

  2. I think the scooter pattern should be named Scootin Anne, the buck should be named Buck Walter, The lemur ...Lester Lemur, and the owl Hooten Hecter.

  3. we used to have a honda areo 80 scooter... lime chappy was his name and we drove the crap outta it.

  4. I'm loving the cut out and keep, when I can afford it.... If I can wait ;)
    So here are my names
    Monarch of the Glen
    If you liked it, you should've put a ring on it.
    Mod Squad
    Whoo sir? Me sir?

  5. These patterns are wonderful. How about:
    The Buck Stops Here
    Demure Lemur
    Scooty Patooty
    Who You Lookin' At?

  6. Przepiękne tkaniny!
    Jelenia bym Gerard nazwała :)
    a lemura Glen
    sowa "I'm watching you Owl "
    więcej pomysłów nie ma :)

  7. HAhahaha Ok, so I was gonna try to come up with something and then i read Meg's up above. Seriously Love all those!

  8. Congratulations on your super win!!
    Love all your fabric! The color palate is wonderful.
    The paper pieced animals are so cute and so is the scooter. Looks like you could just hop on that and take a ride!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Owl Beseenya (I'll be seeing you)


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