Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's fishing time!

First of all, sorry for the delay but Tutorial Tuesday #3 will be posted tomorrow. Hope you will forgive me :)

What I wanted to show you today (just that you show you that I still sew from time to time ;) ) are 3 pillows which I made for my dad. Last days I have troubles to sew anything... I don't know if it's the weather or simply the lack of any particular ideas... I have few things started and not finished. I wanted to finish those pillows as fast as I had the mood to do it, otherwise they would end as another UFOs (that's why the delay with TT#3). 

When last time I was ordering some fabric from Fat Quarter Shop, I spotted 'Off the hook' twice the charm from Dan Morris for RJR Fabrics:

Imediately I thought about my father who loves fishing and already said to me once, that I could sew him something with the fish motive. These are not the kind of  fabrics that I usually use (nor the colours), but dad is dad ;) You know...
I made the pillows simple. I know he wouldn't like anything fancy, besides, I wanted to leave as big pieces of fabric as I could without cutting the print. Pillows are 40x40cm, I used all the fabric which I got in the roll. It was enough for three fronts and a stripe on the back of each pillow. The rest of the back is made of beige corduroy. Pillows are zipped (I tried my best to sew invisible zippers, but I failed... I think I could give lessons on 'How NOT to sew the invisible zipper' -.-' Well, the most important thing is that they work).

See you tomorrow!


  1. Those are so cool and very manly!!! Dad's always come first :) I say finish when you can and are in the mood.hah.ah.a.a.a.I hate UFO's!

  2. Oh... I really like the fish silhouettes on the back and the big fish prints at the front! Have to look out for some of this fabrics :)

  3. OOO!
    this is great! Fish on pillows look great!

  4. How wonderful! He is going to love 'em.

  5. To Ty też czasem masz niemoc szyciową? Przepiękne szmatki.Śliczne poduszki. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.

  6. Any fisherman would love those cushions, oops, sorry, you call them pillows!


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