Monday, 13 September 2010

Cat show/Katzenausstellung at 11.09.2010 in Birkenau (A.K.M.R. eV)

Today something totally different. Fotos from our latest (and also last) cat show in Birkenau.
My both boys got their certificates and Wesley (the black smoke one) was nominated for Best in Show, but nothing more. The show was small and quiet and I have to say dissapointing in total. Not because we didn't win anything, but because of the politics, which even on such shows you can't avoid. That's why it was the last one. Next ones I will visit only as a guest.

My Xanthos:

and Wesley:

For me, a cat show is always a good place to buy some cool new toys for cats (happens that they are cheaper than in a ordinary shop).

Wish you all good night

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