Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Received Swap and embroidery sneek peak

Yesterday I received my swap table runner from Australia :D There is still no sun outside so the photos are not so good as I would like them to be. But ... I can't get anything better at the moment.

Look what a treasure I got:

I love the quilting surrounding the flowers:

And some embroidery sneek peak. I'm preparing the last set of felt coin purses (the last for some time for sure). I have so many ideas for the embroidery patterns on them, but finally I have to try to do somenthing else than just embroidery and coin purses. 
I already started a new project, but I will tell you about it later :)

I tried something new for me - stitched ribbon flowers:

This one turns out to be really pretty (although I started to do it without any big expectations):

Beaded daisies. Quite cute :)

And a colour feast! The ribbon is the one which I won in Kitschy Pink challange ^.^

Some brambles:

Pink rulez o.O :

And something bigger... I do it in the meantime. It takes lots of my 'meantime'... I will update you with my work progress :)

Best wishes


  1. cudny bieznik dostałaś ale Twoje nowe prace sa rewelacyjne! wszystkie kolory są takie soczyste, perfekcyjna robota:)

  2. Oh my gosh, what gorgeous embroidery work you do! The beaded daisys are so cute and I love the bright colors from your colour feast!

  3. Your embroidery work is just amazing! Love the bright blue and pink. I'd like to take lessons from you.

  4. I just have to tell you that I've been an admirer of your projects for months now! I love your coin purses, and all the other clever things you make! Thanks for all the inspiration!


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