Tuesday 16 April 2013

Fat Quarterly Retreat in London

Me and Juliann@Sewing Under Rainbow will be teaching at this year's FQ Retreat in London! We will have 2 workshops - one with and one without sewing machines. You will find all the details and the list of all workshops on Fat Quarterly blog.

* Sewing Curves in English Paper Piecing:

 * Paper Piecing / Foundation Piecing workshop:

 I can't wait!


  1. How do you do it? How do you pick these fabrics? I wish I was in London, it's going to be awesome! It would be such an experience taking a class from you two.

  2. I really hope I get in the sewing curves class! I have 2 blocks that are sitting in bits as I just dont know what I'm doing and nothing is fitting together at all... I need this class now! lol

  3. I really want to be in on the curves xxx

  4. Sounds like those will be great classes. I wish I were going

  5. dlaczego tak daleko :( chlip chlip...

    trzymam kciuki i życzę dobrej zabawy!! :D

  6. Gratuluję :) Na pewno będzie super!

  7. Joasiu za milion pomysłów, wzorów i inspiracji zapraszam do siebie na bloga, po wyróżnienie.


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