Thursday, 2 June 2011

'Shattered Rainbow' quilt finished!

I did it. I sewn the back, I quilted it (on my tiny machine) in diagonal lines, binded half by machine half by hand (on the back) and I'm proud of myself :D:D:D (although it looks crincled and wrincled...). My 'Shattered Rainbow' quilt is missing a label only.

Here it is (there's not much more to say to it ;) ):


The back:


Pattern: center part of the front based on graphic designed by A. Gilmore, the rest, me

Fabric: 4 charm packs of Kona cotton (classic, pastel, dusty and dark), 2y of Kona cotton Emerald, 1,5y Kona cotton candy green, 0,5y Kona cotton black, 8 layer cake squares of Bella solid

Quilting: me, diagonal lines

Thread: Madeira Aerofil 120


  1. niesamowity efekt! rewelacja

  2. w którym miejscu jest pomarszczony? Wskaż palcem, bo nie widzę:)
    piękny wyszedł! Dobrze, że jesteś z siebie dumna, bo powinnaś:)

  3. no piękny, po prostu piękny i wiesz co? podziwiam jak to pikowanie na prawej stronie idealnie zgadza się z tym na lewej. Miałaś to wszystko tak idealnie wymierzone? no szok:)

  4. Fabulous, fabulous quilt! Well done!

  5. boski!! soczysty i taki wakacyjny :) w zimowe wieczory będzie promykiem słońca :D oj zazdroszczę zazdroszczę :D pozdrawiam :)

  6. Fantastyczny efekt i ten tył - świetny !!!!

  7. Everything you make you totally out do the last thing!! This amazingly beautiful!!

  8. Rainbows are so in right now. Beautiful quilt! I pinned this.

  9. I love everything about it - the colours, the backing, the quilting and the binding. Oooo, I'm so inspired by your quilt.

  10. Nuda na tym blogu! Wszystko perfekcyjne i śliczne! ;) ;)
    No i zgranie pikowania z przodu i z tyłu - czapeczka z główki!

  11. beautiful quilt! tremendous bound corners.

  12. What a beautiful quilt!
    My first quilt really has me wanting to make another, but until I get my sewing machine serviced and until we move I'll have to hold off!
    Maybe I can get one done before our new addition gets here in October!

  13. This is amazing - I love the black binding! May I just ask what the finished size was please?

  14. This is sooooooooo beautiful!
    I love the colors!
    From Brazil

  15. Greetings! Georgeous quilt. Has been on my 'to-do' list for a while. Just ordered the charm packs as I am nearing that point on my list. What size did your quilt finish at? How wide was the sashing you use? I am very excited to do this one. Did you cut your squares into triangles or did you simply sew two squares together and cut in the center? Any advice or suggestions from your experince with this quilt?

    Thanks from Omaha!


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