Sunday, 12 September 2010

Brown linen wristlet

As I already mentioned before, I decided to join 'Zipper-me-up' Challange by Jenny the Elefantz . For this purpose, I made this brown linen wristlet with stitched/felted cherry bloossoms, a snap closing and a ziper:

and here is The Zipper ;) This was alsothe first time that I made such invisible inside pocket. I'm proud of myself...


  1. Hi Kirie
    Just found your link at Jenny Of Elefantz and simply Loooooovee your bag. I wonder if your at going to make a tutorial on how to make it. Im new to quilting life, And cant do much without a pattern. And I think your small bag i just !GawJuss" And would love to make one my self

    You have some nice things on your blog
    Love the "bat" you have made, Looks so cute
    Happy smiles to you from
    In Denmark

  2. Loving the little pouch! Is it your own design? and are the flowers felt? It's so pretty. I came over from Jenny of Elephantz so I'm just going to have a look round, hope you don't mind.

  3. Hi Lone :)
    Glad that you visited me. This wristlet just poped like this without any pattern. I'm trying to force myself to place here some tutorial. besides that, there are not many thing (at the moment) that I do in higher number than 1 :)
    Hope you will visit me more often.

    And greetings for Wendy ^.^
    Thank you for so nice comments :) Happy that you like the wristlet. Yes, it is my own design. It evolved from usual small shoulder bag to this while working omn it. And yes, the cherry blossoms are felt.
    Best regards

  4. I also came over from Jenny's and love your wristlet!! A tutorial or pattern would be wonderful!

  5. Właśnie obszywam lamówką podkładkę według sposobu,który mi dzisiaj podpowiedziałaś i przy okazji przeglądam Twojego bloga. Do tej pory nie miałam tyle czasu żeby go przejrzeć w całości,więc ta metoda lamowania ma niewątpliwie swoje plusy:) Wcześniej widziałam tylko kilka ostatnich postów. Teraz,po przejrzeniu całości mogę powiedzieć,że wszystko co tutaj zobaczyłam jest absolutnie fantastyczne!!! Jesteś niesamowicie kreatywną osobą!!! Masz rewelacyjne wyczucie koloru!!! Gratuluję i chylę czoła!!!


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