Friday, 19 November 2010

To much pink?

I decided to take part in 11th Challange organised by Szuflada blog. This time, the topic was...

As much as I hate to wear pink, I love to create in pink o.O

So I did not have much choice... just to create along... I made cute pink wristlet with - of course - even more pink fawn. It's about 10 x 16 cm big with about 20 cm long detachable wrist strap (lenght with swivel clip). It's soft, cute... wait, I already said that, but it's darn cute, so I had to repeat it :D and whole pink... Lining is made from very soft flannel in fitting design, and I also use speciall batting.

When much pink is TO much? In Kitshy Pink challange - NEVER! ^.^

Have a nice day!


  1. Zakochałam się... Czy sprzedajesz gdzieś swoje prace poza Dawandą? Chętnie bym stała się właścicielką tego cudeńka:)))

  2. Ciesze sie ze sie podoba :) Odp. na pw na forum. Pozdrawiam!

  3. It's to adorable!!! I love that little pink fawn! :)

  4. Oops....I do know that is supposed to say TOO! LOL

  5. Różowy to różowy, ale ten jelonek! Wypas. Pewnie gdybym nieopatrznie pokazała Twoja torebkę mojej córci ostałaby regularnie zamęczona żeby ją kupić. Na szczęście ona nie bloguje ;)

  6. Hi...I also like to create pink,but wearing...hmmm..only sometimes-in summer-very delicate pink-almost white:-)
    The baggie is wonderful and really PINK,so certainly will be qualified in 'szuflada-challenge'.
    I have just started the new Tilda-dressed in pink,but I do not know if I manage to get into the project.
    I have just discovered your Blog and I can say-I like Your Creations very much.
    Best Regards-from HalinaDK-

  7. Cute! I love the pink fawn, it's just adorable :) Happy Fabric Tuesday to you!

  8. ah that is so cute!! If you have a chance come link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings...

  9. Very cute! I love the little fawn!

    Happy Fabric Tuesday! :)

  10. Um I want that! Will you send it to me for Christmas??? SO CUTE!

  11. How cute is that?! Just adorable! What little girl wouldn't love to find that under the tree?!

  12. I just loved this - be sure to grab a Featured On button & thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!


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